. Cheap price for world wild hotel booking . Special rate than Agoda , , experdia for hotel booking in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Shihanouk ville , Battambang,….etc

Flight Ticket

Flight Ticket

. Worldwide ticketing arrangements (bookings, online confirmation & information) . Special services and rates with guaranteed-lowest possible airfares (include SOS arrangements; Pets arrangements; airport pick up and transfer; meet and greet at the airport; free delivery, tracing of lost luggage, and others)



. Service for apply Visa to Asian countries: Vietnam, Thai, Lao, Myanmar,.. . Service for apply visa to Asia countries: Japan, Korea, Philippine, China, Hong Kong,… . Service for apply visa to Europe and Africa . Extension Cambodia Visa, Business and Tourist . Khmer passport extension: normal and service passport . New passport

Cargo Service​

Cargo Service​

Provide all types of in-out door cargo services include: · Local and global express service and Logistic . Costume clearance services for in-out door shipment · Packing and Crating services · Sea Fright and Air Freight (Personal effects) · Insurance Coverage services



. Inbound and Outbound Tour . Attractive Tour Packages with Programs . Corporate Rates/Services available . Visa arrangements Travel Comforts



Full facility provided for land transport services and arrangements Bus and Boat Tickets Bookings of all types of hotel / accommodation locally and internationally.

"Enjoy Flight By Plane, Delighted Your Travel By US"

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    “Provided the largest volume of sale of air-tickets and other services”


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    AMARY Co., Ltd is an international partner representative of CWT Global Partners Network in Cambodia.

    AMARY Co., Ltd was established in 1997 in line with Cambodia government’s policy, encouraging tourism industry by private sector since cambodia opened to the rest of the world in 1993. The company is travel business, mainly focus on Ticketing and Tourism. The comapny, from begiining as an Airline ” General Sale Agen, it is today and International Air Transport Association (IATA) Accredited Agent and has been one of the leading companies in travel business in Cambodia.

    AMARY Co., Ltd was established jointly by motivated national and expatriate team. We have today 20 experienced staff with client-oriented, of which 6 staff has been distinctively awared with IATA certificates.

    AMARY’s excellent profile and reputaation in Cambodia has been honored through our high working standard, service and staff, multi-languages and reliable guieds.

    AMARY Co., Ltd caries and official license of its business provided and approved respectively by the Ministry of Tourism License No. 43/2003 and Minsitry of Commerce No. CO.4616/99P.

    AMARY Co., Ltd is an IATA Licensed Agency, member of CATA and respectively licensed by Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Commerce.

    AMARY Co., Ltd is a leading travel Agency specializing in travel business management.

    AMARY Co., Ltd is dedicated to helping companies of all sizes, government institutions and non-government organisations optimize their travel program and provide best-in-class service and assistance to travellers. By leveraging the talents and know-how of its people and providing leading-edge technology, Amary helps its clients drive savings, while delivering service and enhancing security and sustainability.

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      • 3-4B Regency Complex B ( The Great Duke Hotel), Mao Tse Tung Blvd
      • Hot-line: 855(0)92 932 131, 855(0)12 992 993
      • Tel: 855(0)23 216 226 / Fax: 855(0)23 216 202


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